Some new amazing clients

I have been working with some really amazing new clients lately. I am so impressed with everyone! Here are just a few new designs. I will be back over the weekend to add even more. Thank you guys for all the great support!


Busy week

This week has been insanely busy. I have a few meetings to attend and have been getting a lot of great orders and inquiries! So if it takes me a day or two to get back with you I am sorry. I really am trying to keep up! 🙂 Being pregnant, and also working full time from home along with chasing after my two little girls Abbey 3 and Clara 1 is super exhausting. But, I am determined to keep up with them and everyone else! Have a great night.

Corporate Portfolio

I just added the corporate section of my portfolio. It is a combination of a couple places I have worked in the past. I still have lots more to add. Check it out above!

Finally a free minute

I know it has seemed like forever since I have been able to update here. I have made it a New Years resolution to do it at least once or twice a week from now on. Children, holidays and work has just about consumed every free second that I have had. So here is a great group of clients and design work I have done in the past month or so!

Lots To Do

I have been getting some really great clients! They are all so talented. I have been so busy designing these last couple weeks. More finished designs will be uploaded this week!

New Projects

I just finished up a bunch of custom work for some really great clients. I really enjoy being able to design for such a diverse group of business’s. I have been designing a lot lately for photography business’s which has gotten me back interested in it. I use to be very involved in photography back in college but I haven’t had much time since then. I have a client that specializes in children’s photography and I couldn’t help but fall in love with all of the babies!! Check out her site here: and her new logo below!



Design + Wedding Planning = Busy Days and Busy Nights

This week has been crazy busy for me. Business here is great and clients are just as great. I love learning and designing for all the creative businesses that people have out there. My fiancé and I have finally established a date! Did I mention it is less than 2 months away! I find my brain hurting at the end of the day. Planning for a wedding and thinking creatively on a daily basis is an overload. Good thing I love my job! Here are a few new designs from the past couple weeks.



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